Finding developers can be fast and inexpensive: How Careerist found a Java developer in 1.5 weeks and saved $4000

Denis Plykin
Denis Plykin
Denis Plykin
CPO at Careerist

"Insquad saved us a couple of months for sure. It took 2 interviews and 0 technical ones to get us a senior Java developer."


Found a Java Developer in 1.5 Weeks

Careerist is an online tech bootcamp based in California, that helps people with no tech background and coding skills get a tech job from scratch.

At the previous year's end, Careerist started upgrading its programs. At the beginning of this year, one of their Java-developers had to quit due to personal reasons right in the middle of preparing the upcoming updates.

"In 1.5 weeks, Insquad provided us with 4 pre-vetted candidates with the stack we needed. We picked 2 of them since they had the most relatable experience, and invited those guys for an interview. Insquad conducted deep interviews to test both their hard- and soft-skills, their startup fit, etc. So we just had to get to know the candidates in person."

Just in a couple of days Careerist got their perfect match: they chose Josef, a guy from Slovakia, out of those 2 candidates.

"Insquad saved us a couple of months for sure, and about $4000. It was cool! It took 2 interviews and 0 technical ones to get us a senior Java developer. During the interviews, we mostly discussed the guys' previous experience and their pet-projects. Josef, whom we hired eventually, turned out to be the most relevant one. He used to work on EdTech projects before and had an impressive set of pet-projects that involved tasks similar to ours"

Denis Plykin, CPO at Careerist

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