Finding developers can be fast and inexpensive: How Careerist found a Java developer in 1.5 weeks and saved $4000

Denis Plykin
Denis Plykin
Denis Plykin
CPO at Careerist

Finding developers can be fast and inexpensive: How Careerist found a Java developer in 1.5 weeks and saved $4000


Found a Java Developer in 1.5 Weeks

Edtech products are complex not only in terms of teaching methodology, but technically, too. So they need multiple full-packed teams of developers as well as product managers and teachers. Losing even one person from the development team may affect the whole work process dramatically and entail significant slowdowns. That's absolutely true, especially for projects that evolve constantly, releasing updates every now and then. One resignation letter on the office table plays a huge role for them. And this is exactly what happened to the development team this January. We asked Denis Plykin, CPO at Careerist, to tell us what it was like to lose a developer at the crucial moment of product updates development, and what it cost to find a new one.

A few words about

Careerist is an online tech bootcamp based in California. The bootcamp helps people with no tech background and coding skills get a tech job from scratch. It runs a variety of programs from Tech Sales Representative to QA Automation, and assists graduates find jobs by providing caring mentors and coaches.

Unforeseen circumstances

At the previous year's end, Careerist started upgrading its programs. But the things you fear the most will befall you sooner or later. And at the beginning of this year one of their Java-developers had to quit due to personal reasons right in the middle of preparing the upcoming updates.

"The news came out of the blue. It was one of our best developers who'd worked at Careerist for almost 2 years. We didn't really want to lose him. I tried my best to convince him to stay, but it didn't work out. So, we had to face the inevitable, and start the searching process."

Careerist expected a candidate to have 5+ years of commercial Java experience, a sufficient understanding of Edtech products, to be flexible and proactive. Denis tried to look both on his own and with the help of the company's HR reps.

"We’ve tried all the conventional ways like job boards and staffing agencies. But it lasted for 6 long weeks, and was absolutely a waste of time. We got countless candidates, but none of them had an appropriate stack, and a personality we wanted our team member to have to be comfortable working with."

Although Denis and his team were exhausted, they hadn’t found anyone yet. The updates development slowed down significantly, but it had to be done as soon as possible without any excuses. So the guys had no right to stop searching. Time is money. Insquad saved Careerist both.

Denis had a long friend list on FB, and considered calling for help there was the best option.

«Actually, I didn't expect any results, not to mention really finding a great senior Java developer. But, surprisingly, it worked out: one of my former colleagues shared his story of an excruciating search for a development team for his project. It was quite similar to mine, but there was one significant difference: he found what he looked for. To the question "how did you do that?" he just sent me a link to Insquad's website.» As Denis says, from that point, the searching process got a real boost compared to the previous stage.

"In 1.5 weeks, Insquad provided us with 4 pre-vetted candidates with the stack we needed. We picked 2 of them since they had the most relatable experience, and invited those guys for an interview. Insquad conducted deep interviews to test both their hard- and soft-skills, their startup fit, etc. So we just had to get to know the candidates in person."

Just in a couple of days Careerist got their perfect match: they chose Josef, a guy from Slovakia, out of those 2 candidates.

"By finding Insquad, we won a real jackpot. The guys saved us a couple of months for sure, and about $4000. It was cool! It took 2 interviews and 0 technical ones to get us a senior Java developer. During the interviews, we mostly discussed the guys' previous experience and their pet-projects. Josef, whom we hired eventually, turned out to be the most relevant one. He used to work on EdTech projects before and had an impressive set of pet-projects that involved tasks similar to ours.

All in all, Josef is a great guy both professionally and as a person. He fitted our corporate culture perfectly, and it didn't take much time to onboard him due to his experience. By finding Insquad, we won a real jackpot."

Firsthand impressions of the new experience

We asked Denis to share a couple of things he was impressed by the most about working with Insquad. And here are his points.

"It took 4 times less time than the previous fruitless search." Denis says. "And talking about the amount of effort we put into the whole process with job boards and agencies, it's hard to say how much easier searching for a developer was with Insquad. Instead of dozens of candidates, most of which are not even close to what is needed, you guys give a few but thoroughly picked devs."

He also emphasized that he was amazed by the quality of technical test results of the offered developers.

"One of the most valuable things for me was that neither I, nor people from my team, didn't have to spend any time on technical interviews, questioning candidates instead of doing our tasks."

We don't want to brag, however, Denis is not the only one who finds Insquad's vetting system fantastic. Check out what Tanya Lyubimova, Co-founder & CEO of Particle.One, spoke of our assessment after comparing its results to her company's inner technical interviews.


You can spend weeks browsing job boards, or using the services of staffing agencies, or looking for developers on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. But why would you do that if there's a much easier solution to getting a senior dev? Especially if it's coming right to you. So, don't waste your time and grab it.

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