How This Developer Got a High-Paying Remote Job With a US Tech Company in 2 Weeks

Senior developer at Skan AI

“The main advantage of working at Skan AI, thanks to Insquad, is that I can live where I want and do things I like without wasting time commuting to work.“


Got a High-Paying Remote Job in 2 Weeks

Skan AI is a global organization headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with employee centers in Seattle, Bangalore, Boston, Ottawa and more.

Skan AI helps organizations be greater at business by helping them improve the way they operate.

Partnership with Insquad

The hiring process with Ivan, a qualified developer with a vast experience in software engineering and a broad skillset took a couple of weeks from application to hire.

He shared his needs with Insquad, which included remote work without relocation, match with his area of interests (neural networks, algorithms, applied statistics, development of scientific software), and a salary sufficient for a family with four kids.

Speaking of the hiring process, these are the stages Ivan highlighted:

"First, I got tested on the platform for my skills confirmation. Next, I had an interview with the account manager and they created an Insquad profile for me. Then, Scan AI liked my profile and contacted me for a job interview."

After Insquad matched Ivan with Skan AI, Insquad took care of registration, taxes, and payments.

Currently, the developer is employed by Skan, but all the paperwork is managed by Insquad so the developer can focus on their work. The whole process was completely free for the developer.

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