How Particle.One Hired a Quant Developer for Their Crypto Branch in Three Weeks

Tanya Lyubimova
Tanya Lyubimova
Tanya Lyubimova
Co-founder & CEO of Particle.One, Judge & Guest lecturer at Alchemist Accelerator

"I must admit I was amazed at how concise and informative the candidates’ profiles were: they even included short video interviews."


Hired a Quant Developer in Three Weeks

Particle.One builds innovative quantitative trading tools, and collects and analyzes market big data to make investors’ asset management easier and more efficient. A couple of months ago, they entered the cryptocurrency market and needed a senior developer who would process incoming datasets from Particle.One’s data scientists and turn them into production-ready code.

Partnership with Insquad

“We were invited to have a call with Insquad’s CEO, Alex. He listened carefully to all our questions and gave a thorough answer to each of them. By the end of the call, we had the most complete picture of the format of work with Insquad: He told us about all the stages of vetting of candidates and showed some examples of the tests developers are given, as well as the selection process and further hiring support.”

Then Particle.One made their company profile on our website, gave us a list of requirements, and the process started.

“In a week, Insquad found five developers with an appropriate stack of languages and sent us the candidates’ profiles so we could check out their CVs and test results. I must admit I was also amazed at how concise and informative the candidates’ profiles were: they even included short video interviews. We picked three devs out of five, and Insquad arranged interviews with them. It took only two interviews to find Vit, who seemed perfect to us. And, as it turned out later, he really was a perfect match”

Vit, a senior backend developer with 5+ years of professional experience, is currently working for Particle.One; it was a perfect match for him as well. He says his major field of interest is NLP, so he found the right place to fully realize his potential.

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